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Lifelong Brotherhood

When you join a Fraternity, you engage in four years of excitement and adventure. The same holds true for Sigma Nu. You will make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. What makes Sigma Nu different from all other fraternities is that our brotherhood never ends. After graduation, you are given the title of alumni. Many of our alumni continue to play an active role in the chapter, such as Bill Watson, Dave Buck, and Charles Matousek. Just because your time as a student ends, does not mean your time as a Sigma Nu ends.

A Legacy of Love, Truth, and Honor

Sigma Nu was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869,making it one of America's oldest Greek organizations. On March 31st, 1913, the Delta Mu chapter of Sigma Nu was founded at Stetson University. This was Stetson's first Greek organization. Sigma Nu has thrived at Stetson since our founding and created a lasting impact at the school. As Knights of the Legion of Honor, we strive uphold our core values while teaching them to the next generation. Every member of our fraternity, past, present, or future, will live their lives according to the values of Love, Truth, and Honor.